Taste The Arabic Proverbs

Samia Bazzi

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Treat your palate to a sample of Arabic sayings and adages with a varied collection of traditional Middle-Eastern proverbs. In Taste the Arabic Proverbs, an expansive range of mores and suggestions are offered with ties to the cuisine, ingredients, and food-preparation techniques of the Middle East.
Warnings, jokes, and recommendations are translated from Arabic to English. These educational and guiding rhymes are accompanied with paraphrases and connotations outside the realms of Islam. As a multi-cultural reference, Taste the Arabic Proverbs is a treasure for the appetite of those seeking guidance on concepts such as kinship, wealth, determination, and generosity.


Samia Bazzi has worked as a professional translator for over 15 years and for the past 13 years has been involved in teaching translation and different branches of linguistics at the Lebanese University. She has published extensively on language, culture, and ideology. Her book Arab News and Conflict: A Multidisciplinary Discourse Study has been used as a reference in leading universities in the world on the relationship between language and politics.


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