Swimming Through The Reeds

Victoria Robertson

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This brilliant self-help book is designed to assist each one of us to conquer our own particular problems, and ‘Smile… Just one smile can make a difference’ as Victoria explains. Throughout this book, a feeling of peace, hope and an uplifting momentum grows with each page and imbues the reader until its genuine calming and morale-lifting impetus is thoroughly absorbed and the healing commences. Happiness and confidence starts with a wonderful chain reaction in our individual dealings with our own problems and creating a kindness and caring for others that can travel right around the world. So read this and find your own new and wonderful dreams and achieve amazing things!


Victoria is living proof that if you believe you can you will. Since writing her first book Swimming through the reeds her love of the great outdoors and passion for gardening has enabled her to open new doors and discover new hidden talents.She regularly creates and grows garden living sculptures to help inspire younger growers and also writes a regular monthly garden column for a local magazine. She enjoys reaching out to help encourage people in her community to think beyond limitations.


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