Douglas Parker

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In this fun, light-hearted and easy to understand book we explore one of the most well-known problems in Number Theory. Throughout the journey of trying to understand a problem which has taxed mathematicians since the 17th century, we are joined by some inquisitive children who ask many questions along the way. This book should appeal to anyone who has an interest in algebra with a level of GCSE or O-Level, or even below. Could this be the simple solution that Fermat believes he found?It is up to the reader to find out for themselves.


Douglas was a Senior Electrical Engineer who worked on many large engineering projects during his career and was an associate to a consultant in the Building Services industry.When he left school he was an apprentice working in an office, drawing with ink on tracing paper; the issue of drawings has changed drastically, and most drawings are now computer generated.Douglas is now retired from work and writes books for fun.


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