Series of Useful Experiences

Haifa’a Mohammed Almubarak

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“Useful Series of Experiences” is an outcome of the lessons I have learned through my personal experiences in my life, which had a great impact on my continuous learning. I decided to put it in the hands of the world to tell them that life is nothing but beautiful and enjoyable experiences if we turned to its details and learned from the lesson that results from it. “Useful Series of Experiences” carries with it thoughts and feelings that help us understand the reality of things so that we can live in peace.

Haifa’a Almubarak is an educational researcher who spent a lifetime in constant research to develop the educational performance of educators; to ensure peace in the child’s life in terms of intellect and emotion. During her research, she went through countless experiences to reach the reality of matters on her own and learn from the young before the old in order to complete her goal. She worked on discovering the child’s abilities, guiding him to plan for the future and employing these capabilities to reach and easily achieve his goals. She developed her work to mentor talented people across generations.

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