Rising Shadows of a Forgotten Legend

Mansoor Ahmed

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This novel is an epic fictional story. The events took place in ancient times when two great empires that lasted four hundred years ruled the land, and there was peace between them so that neither one would invade the other as kingdoms were divided between them. In this book, we will talk about the first chapter, which took place in the Kingdom of Coral. It began in the house of an old man who was killed with his children and his wife, but his young daughter managed to escape from among the woods. Unexpectedly, she met a strange man who rescued her from the soldiers and took upon himself that he avenged her family’s killing. The kingdom’s naval fleet is devising a plan to eliminate the most powerful sea thieves, and a war is raging between them. Both sides are terribly losing because of the stupidity of the pirate leader. The novel is of a mysterious nature, and it contains many secrets among its events. You, dear reader, should discover those secrets.

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