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This is a story about a sweet but bold rabbit who wants to please her kind and wise grandmother by preparing a cherry pie that she kneads and bakes with all the precision and care to make her grandmother happy, but events turn out differently than the rabbit had hoped.

Fortunately for the bunny, she survived the horrific ordeal, but this ordeal caused a change in the cute bunny’s personality. Now she has become unusual, and she is seeking to get something that will cost her more than she can imagine or imagine, and she will use any way or means to get that thing. Will you succeed?

This story features eleven characters, each playing an important role in the unfolding events. Each character has distinct and unique traits that set them apart from the others in this thrilling tale, and each one has an intriguing and distinctive appearance with their splendid shapes and vibrant colors.

The story is filled with many unexpected surprises, all leading to an ending that fits the story and its main character, the gentle bunny. Every exciting story needs a logical and satisfying conclusion for the reader.

Nidal Hassan Muhammad Thani has been writing illustrated stories since he was around ten years old. Animation and reading comics in general are his sources of inspiration for writing and drawing comics. However, his skills are not limited to drawing and writing stories, he is also fluent in English speaking and writing, and he has the skill of translating from Arabic to English and vice versa. Nidal holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Taibah, and a Master's degree in Translation and Professional Practices from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

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