Paving a Positive Path To The Future: Lessons in Anger Management

Debbie AHeaton

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Life without difficulties and conflicts is impossible; and if it were achievable, it would cause intellectual and emotional stagnation.
Anger is a powerful emotion and can cause long-term health problems. You can control your anger, it is up to you to create a positive path to a positive future, the author’s expertise will allow you to become more self-aware and dramatically alter the way you perceive life and challenges. This book will help you to understand your anger, to identify emotions and to accept that it is okay to get angry. By establishing healthy communication, you will learn to intelligently express and manage your emotions much more effectively. Debbie covers issues on the impact of anger in relationships and in families. She teaches you how to creatively problem-solve in a positive manner.


Debbie A. Heaton, MSW, LISAC, CBT, is a cognitive behavior therapist with a career that has spanned twenty-seven-years. She has worked in mental health and substance abuse arenas as well as the elderly and families with children. She has dedicated the past thirteen years to focusing on anger management issues.

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