On Justice

Abdulwahhab Abdool

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The book is a study in the philosophy of law, in which the author talks about justice as an absolute value and as a supreme human value. Through his research, he differentiates between justice in the upper world or a metaphysical world, and justice in the human being’s world or the ground world.

The writer discusses the impossibility of absolute justice in the ground world, and that the eternal laws that govern the movement of human life on the ground impose a justice that is human in its nature and relative in its value.

This book argues that the law and the judiciary are the two pillars on which justice is based in human societies. It also explains that achieving justice as a supreme human value develops through the performance of these pillars by focusing on administrative law and consensual judiciary.

The author is one of the most renowned judges of the Federal Courts based in the United Arab Emirates. He ranked in the judiciary hierarchy till he presided the Federal Supreme Court, thus being the first Emirati citizen to hold such high judicial position. The author is a holder of a Ph.D. in Public Law, as well as two high Diplomas in Political and International Relations Sciences. What really distinguishes our author is the fact that he has combined both practical and theoretical aspects; where in addition to his work as a judge, he has also been an instructor at the Judicial Institute and has participated in the discussion of many university theses. Further, the author has written many books and papers in the legal and judicial field.

On the merits of the author:

“Judge Abdulwahhab Abdool is one of the most prominent and esteemed Emirati public figures in the legal and judicial field.”
– The General Secretariat of the Union Cabinet

“He is the justice and the law advocate.”
– Al Bayan Newspaper:

“Your Excellency, Counselor, Dr. Abdulwahhab Abdool, you will always remain a strong beacon in the United Arab Emirates and a torch that will light the way for future generations.”
– Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Jarrah, the judge of the Federal Supreme Court about Dr. Abdulwahhab Abdool, upon reaching his age of retirement.

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