My Teacher’s a Spy!

Phil Barnes

Total Pages: 66
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It always creates a bit of a stir when a new teacher starts school, especially when that teacher is young and handsome, like Mr Gunning. But why does he have an expensive car? And is he really who he seems? Chloe, Jessica, Kelly and Andrew think not and when Andrew claims he is sure Mr Gunning is a spy the gang just have to find out if that is the case.In a crime thriller for young readers Phil Barnes creates in My Teacher’s a Spy! four children who start out simply trying to find out if their suspicions are true but who rapidly discover that the murky waters of intrigue are deeper than they thought. And when Andrew goes missing the girls must pull together, fight their tears and continue their detective course as one by one they, too, succumb to the criminal … whoever he or she is.


Phil Barnes is a new author, My Teacher's a Spy! is his second book in the My Teacher Series. He is an imaginative dreamer who loves to write and read.Phil hopes you enjoy his books as much as he enjoys writing them.


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