Mental English: Book One

Patrick Berry

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This course of six books presents the student with a vocabulary of thousands of words, many of which will be unfamiliar to him. A basic conversation may be conducted in English with a total vocabulary of less than one thousand words. The “average” citizen lives his life happily and successfully with a lot less than ten thousand words. It follows, therefore, that the person with a larger vocabulary than average will have a distinct advantage in life.These workbooks are designed to assist the would-be wordsmith in the acquisition of a larger-than-average vocabulary. They are suitable for working by the student of any age or level of ability, as well as those for whom English is a foreign language. English is the language of international travel and commerce and these books will provide a solid foundation for those who perceive “average” as an insufficient level of attainment.


Patrick Berry is a retired headteacher who has spent more than fifty years teaching and writing workbooks in Maths, English and Reasoning. He is a self-confessed teacher of the ‘old school’, insisting that a large, varied and interesting vocabulary is the key to progress in most aspects of our lives.


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