Melba Finds a Friend

CS Martenson

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Melba the Camel knew that a best friend would make him very happy; someone who would accept him as he was and help him to become who he should be. Melba loved his family and his brothers and sisters that he played with out on the great plains, but he realized that he did not have a best friend who would accept him and stand beside him in every situation. Melba also believed that his best friend was real; he only had to find him.

Melba Finds a Friend is a warm and touching story of Melba the Camel’s quest to find his best friend, which is similar to our own longing to find someone very special to us. He visits many of the other animals that live in the reserve of Kruger National Park in Africa, inviting each of them to be his best friend, but each of them declines Melba’s sincere invitation for personal reasons they share.

Melba finally visits Mr. Crocodile who is refreshing himself in the small river that runs along the edge of the great plains, and who shares with Melba wise words that a best friend is very hard to find; that you can’t really find a best friend, but often they just appear and when they do we recognize them immediately.

Perhaps we are in a similar situation like Melba, searching for a best friend. Then we should heed Mr. Crocodiles wisdom and be on the look-out for our best friend to appear.

Christian Martenson is an architect living and working throughout the Middle East over the last eighteen years. Christian grew up in the Central Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest in the US, spending much of his time as a back-country sports enthusiast, skiing, hiking, and rock and mountain climbing in the Central, North Cascades, Olympic Peninsula, and British Columbia, Canada. Christian currently lives with his family in Bahrain, and works in Saudi Arabia, but he calls Australia home.

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