Madly Intrigued


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When love, hate, madness and passion meet, stubbornness is broken, and pride is subjugated for the sake of sincere love that touches the heart and penetrates the soul. For her, these feelings were a myth and a legend that she did not believe in, and for him, she was the legend that he found. She was torn apart by fears and suspicions, and he was suspended between life and death. Death became painful, but life is more painful, and the choice became impossible between loyalty and farewell. Nothing remained but memories… This is what happens when we are madly fascinated.

HAMS is an aspiring novelist, and this is her first novel. She wants to share her beloved hobby with as many people as possible. Let’s enjoy together this vast imaginary world whose beautiful threads are woven by our thoughts, and our fingers translate its exciting words, and tickle our senses with all the feelings, emotions and events that transport us from our real world to that wonderful other world so that we are relieved of the burden and cruelty of life with the pleasure that reading novels gives us.

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