The Love In Covid Era

Ibrahim Kadhim Jillood AL Admawi

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This emotive and humane novel poignantly captures the multifaceted suffering experienced by various individuals: lovers, those yearning for love, and people enduring the trials of affection.

It delves into the struggles faced by those who have endured life’s harshness, the agony of alienation and separation, and the anxiety of caring for a distant loved one. Their lives, dictated by challenging fates and times, are a whirlpool of mixed emotions in an ocean of uncertainty and the unknown, shaping their destinies and outcomes.

Set against the backdrop of the modern world during the COVID-19 era, this novel offers a somber reflection of a significant period in human history. It elegantly and accessibly explores the evolution of innocent, virginal love into a profound, spiritual connection, celebrating the joy and purity of the heart and soul in true love and devotion.

This remarkable novel is poised to be a landmark in the annals of pioneering Arabic literature. It marks a significant contemporary shift, placing it firmly within the realm of modern world literature.

Ibrahim Kadhim Jillood Al Admawi

Novelist, poet, thinker and writer.

He studied medicine at the University of Baghdad, and specialized in psychiatry at the University of London.

He worked as an expert for United Nations organizations, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and Arab and foreign universities.

Among his literary interests: Short stories, articles, novels, and poetry.

He won the short story award for adults and another award for children's literature

Among his most prominent works: The book “Aspect of Psychology & Psychiatry of Childhood , Adolescence & Youth ” 1986, and (The chiefs orchard – Short stories collection) 2023

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