Love Both Ways (Copy)

Austin UAE

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At fifty, Michael thought his life was over. In his mid-thirties, David wanted his life to begin. After these fathers divorce, they meet at a support group and fall spiritually and passionately in love. Their romance forces them to fight for the love of their children and battle against bigots who refuse to understand their lives as Italian and Black British fathers who love both ways.Two families. Two cultures. One love.Martin Patrick stands out as a Black British novelist in a dominant white ‘straight’ publishing industry. Martin comes from an academic background as a Senior Lecturer, teaching Drama, Film, Creative Writing and Cultural Studies. He began by writing plays, and in the early stage of his career he also did public readings at events such as Free Nelson Mandela, Clause 28, LGBT gatherings, and he was the only Black man from the UK who was chosen to read at Europride in Amsterdam 1994. Out of these early experiences he has now established himself as a novelist and the Director of the Great New Writers Company, launched in the summer of 2016, where he teaches and counsels aspiring LGBT, Black, and Asian writers. Martin believes ‘inspiring work’, both learning from the masters and teaching protégées, is the driving force that empowers him to continue writing for a 21st century audience.


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