Life And Soul In Fables

Alan Wong

Total Pages: 244
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Life and Soul in Fables is an enchanting collection of fables with morals and messages very pertinent to our present day lifestyle.Expressed in nature, through the lives of animals, plants and people the collection explores themes of friendship, strength, arrogance, conceit, humility and many other character traits across a wide and varied spectrum. Each is addressed succinctly with clarification of each of the themes and messages explored in each story.


Alan Wong was born in Nuneaton Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. He graduated from The University of Central England in Birmingham in 2001 and it was during his time here that he became fascinated with Aesop's Fables; although as much as he desired to write a fable of his own the task proved too difficult. Then, twelve years after he had graduated, an old colleague communicated with him via social media about the relationship between her and her pet cat. What she said eventually led to his first fable "The Cat and its Owner" and for this reason is the very first story in his book, Life and Soul in Fables.


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