Life in 20 Pages

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani

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Life in 20 Pages by Abdul Salam Al Madani is a book that simplifies life, helps you understand people, and encourages you to have a positive attitude and high spirit despite all of your hardships. The book highlights events and incidents in your daily life and teaches you how to deal with them in ease. It helps you solve your problems, achieve your aspirations and articulate your dreams no matter how impossible they seem to be.

Lifelong experiences are put in quotes to make it easy for people to understand life. The more you dig in, the more you realize that your biggest problems could have been solved if you changed your approach.

Life in 20 pages will take you on a journey where you will feel lighter, happier, and more determined.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani is a UAE business magnate, philanthropist and investor, whose experience and vision marks his legacy and leads the way ahead for the global enterprise, INDEX Holding.

Al Madani received a PhD in Humanities from the University of Lugano – Switzerland. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Health Care Management, and holds a Master’s degree in Hospital Management from Birmingham University.

Dr. Al Madani has been always keen to serve the community and empower all human beings regardless of their color, gender and religion, therefore, he heads a number of alliances and several international and regional committees and organizations where he promotes healthy lifestyle habits and supports initiatives that encourage giving back to the community and the world.

For his extensive work in the humanitarian field, he was granted a number of awards of recognition and honorary degrees, one of which was being named recently the Goodwill Ambassador by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).

Writing has always been his getaway from his busy schedule; a revelation that allows him to reach to people and meet them halfway wherever they are because to him, people will always come first.

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