Lean, an Ongoing Journey

Mark Roberts

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The concept of Lean has been around for decades, but there are few books written by experienced Lean change agents who fully understand the subject. Offering his years of experience and many real-life examples from the workplace, Mark Roberts has written a comprehensive guide to those who are thinking about applying Lean. Each aspect of a Lean roll out is explained thoroughly in an understandable and clear way, covering all the typical concepts and problems encountered. Whether you’re a CEO wondering if Lean will work for you, or if you are already midway through implementing Lean, you will find this book an extremely useful source of advice, encouragement and practical know-how.www.leanprogression.co.uk


One of many passions of the author Mark Roberts is to travel and enjoying an idyllic life on his narrow boat. He now lives in Derbyshire with his partner after living in Oxford for the past several years. They have also travelled and worked extensively abroad, particularly in Europe and South East Asia.


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