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Abdullah Nasser Bel Jaflah

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Kung Fu is a form of body exercise deploying high combat skills, in addition to being a self-exercise on internal discipline and intense focus. It also works to develop one’s ability to be ready and patient, to control one’s emotions and mind appropriately.

Although there is a similarity between this sport and some other martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate, there is a difference between them, and they also differ in terms of rules and history.

Based on my experience of Kung Fu and its benefits that overwhelmed me with positive energy, which in turn had a drastic effect on my personal and professional life, I wanted to share, dear reader, all the information I have about this ancient sport that will surely entice you to want to know more about it. So why not practice it seriously and make it a way of life for you and your children?

Abdulla Nasser Khamis Khalfan Bel Jaflah holds:

- Certificate of Achievement in Information Technology.

- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

- Green belt in Taekwondo from Adel Club in Al-Rumaitha.

- Two Dan Black Belts in Kung Fu from Regent Club.

- One Dan Black Belt in Kung Fu from Shaolin Kung Fu School in Dubai.

He is still practicing in Shaolin Kung Fu School, and he previously participated in Al Wasl football club for boys under the age of seventeen in the summer.

His hobby is reading books, especially books on Islamic religion, self-development, martial arts and metaphysical books. He loves Asian food, especially Chinese, Japanese and Indian food, and he loves to travel to other countries to explore beautiful things, and go through many new and interesting experiences abroad, such as riding on the bridge in Sydney, Australia, as well as horseback riding, riding towers, and other activities in other countries. He also likes watching movies and series on a weekly basis. He loves sports in all its forms and types, but Kung Fu remains his favorite sport. One of his most favorite colors are black and yellow. He loves black for its prestige and dominance over the rest of the colors. As for yellow, he loved it not for the Brazilian national team, but for Al Wasl club from his childhood. And the best times for him are the times he spends with his family and friends.

He always follows the UAE League, and his favorite team is Al Wasl Club, as well as the Italian League, and his favorite team is Inter Milan. He also loves to get to know people who share his hobbies, and he does not care about the age of the person, whether they are young or old, the important thing is that they share something they both love.

“I respect and love all human beings everywhere without any distinction or differentiation, and I do not care about their nationality, religion, beliefs, thoughts or gender. What matters to me is the human being who has been honored by our Lord, the Most High.”

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