Juvenile Fantasy

Areebah Yasir Qazi

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‘A blank page is incomplete without art and a book is vain without the readers.’

-Areebah Yasir Qazi

Juvenile Fantasy is a motivational poetry book. The poems convey the message of evolution of mankind, hard work, self-love, fairness, and jubilant outlook. The book is based on both melancholic reality and frolic time ahead. Each of the poems aims at the reader’s mind and heart in an emotive, but also inspiring and constructive manner.

Areebah Yasir Qazi was born on October 27, in the magnificent land of Kashmir, India. She moved to Muscat, Oman, when she was 5 months old. She had a childhood that was fortunately carefree and full of wonderful memories, which she spent with her parents and elder brother. She attended her preschool in Sohar, Oman. Two years later, she moved to Muscat, where she attended primary school. Areebah has always been a very creative person and believes that art is the finest way to express one’s emotions. The life of a doctor always amused her, and it is her dream to be a doctor one day. She also maintains a keen interest in poetry and visual art.

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