$in City

B. Belle

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Margarita really loves her work. She has built up a successful business which has made her a millionaire. She doesn’t really regard it as work. It is stimulating, adventurous and varied. She meets all sorts of influential people and finds a great deal of pleasure in their company.
Margarita is a high class call girl devoted to satisfying her clients’ needs and tastes, whilst at the same time deriving maximum pleasure for herself.
She is to spend the weekend with Ed, a regular client, but she is surprised at the attention she receives, both in bed and out of it. It almost seems as if there is more than a business transaction taking place and she has to concentrate to remind herself that she is working, and real life awaits.
She has a secret life. It is one to which she returns regularly and happily when she isn’t working as it contains her young son and her mother.
The pattern of her life seems to be well established when, out of the blue, there are choices that need to be made.


B. Belle is a mother of two teenage girls and devoted wife to her husband. She has been working most of her life behind a desk in clerical jobs. As her children were growing to be adults she was looking for new hobbies along the way. She wasn't much of a reader because she struggled finding books that held her interest. Stumbling upon a few erotic romance stories, she found herself intrigued and started reading books as fast as she could buy them. After reading several series she knew this was something she could do. Being married to the love of her life, she felt that her sexual feelings would give her the experience and knowledge of writing about what it really felt like. Her true feelings on paper then started pouring out and on to the pages. She made it her goal to finish the book and allow other women to know what making love should feel like. And not just in a fantasy world.


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