Human! A Reflection Of The Spirit, Soul And Mind From A Muslim’s Perspective

Ahmed Tolba

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This book is about the constant battle between the human soul and the human mind. It also provides a different perspective on the purpose of life and the reason(s) for our creation. When the desires of the soul are not disciplined and controlled, they cause harm. Humans should try to achieve equilibrium in the soul to allow those who believe to achieve the purpose of their creation and to accomplish their mission on Earth without distraction. In this book, I address the characteristics of the human soul and its evil desires that may distract humans from succeeding in their mission and, in a simple yet effective way, show how to control those desires.

Ahmed Tolba is a writer originally from Egypt. He is a qualified attorney and a certified compliance professional. Ahmed started his career in multinational law firms in Egypt and UAE and has led the legal and compliance functions for multinational companies on a regional level.

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