Rita Baki

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Beloved one, write.

Write it all out, in any alphabet, in any language, in any form that comes from your magnificent heart, for this is where the healing is.

May the strength, resilience, sweetness and beauty of the wild honeysuckle find you.

Rita Baki is a writer and an emotional intelligence coach living between Dubai and Beirut. She is a teacher, a healer, and a mother of two. Her life is devoted to helping people connect with their truth and empowering them to live a fulfilled life.

Her story follows a woman’s path to self-realization:

“Torn between two worlds, tradition and freedom, I was confused between my roles as a mother and wife and manager, yet beneath it all a teenager longing for a wild free life and love. I challenged societal norms, marriages, and tradition - all for freedom of choice...

When we learn how our mind works and understand that we can heal through different energies and states of consciousness, we have the ability to change every single aspect of our lives.”

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