His Grace’s False Teeth (…and Other Gritty Tales)

Michael Barnes

Total Pages: 256
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Opening the first page is like peering inside a forgotten jewellery box. The gemstones remain sparkling and the gold reflects.His Grace’s False Teeth (… And Other Gritty Tales) by Michael Barnes is a compilation of short stories, poems and the musings of a writer who has lived life to the full. Polished, thought-provoking and poignant, his beautifully written tales of loss, human conflict and desire are a literary treat.From family tragedy to the examination of revenge, this book captivates the reader through its finely crafted language; its commentary on life and how we choose to live it.


Michael Barnes was born in the Australian bush about 2,000 years ago and remains extant despite a long career in journalism and playwriting. He worked for newspapers, magazines and television in Sydney, London and Brisbane, including a period in the self-defeating dual roles of theatre critic and playwright. His grace's false teeth (...and other gritty tales) is his first venture into fiction.


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