Forgive Me If I Disagree: A Modern Chaucer’s Tale

Jack Lauriger

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The author delves deep into his family history and secrets kept for fifty years to uncover the truth of his birth. His search for the reasons behind the secrets bring surprise and intrigue, yet his journey highlights the strength of love and family bonds. The differences in society and cultural expectations between the 1960s and the 21st Century are explored, along with the validity of keeping a secret for such a length of time and whether there is ever a good time to tell someone the truth about their birth.


Born in 1960 in the heart of the southern Polish highlands. Educated at John Lyon School in Harrow on the Hill. Finished a Joint Hons. Degree in Law and Politics at Keele University. Moved to Poland in 1993 at the time of political transformation after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Since then worked on building the presence of major international companies in Poland. A skilled public relations professional specialising in reputation management. Lives with his loving wife and five children in Wroclaw. Spends his time travelling between England and Poland.

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