Five Days At My Uncle’s House

Khlod Alhefiti

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Khlod Mohammed Rashid Saeed Rashid Alhefiti

Five Days at My Uncle’s House

In 1999, I turned seven years old, and here the summer began. All schools got closed, and children started to enjoy the happiness of spending their whole day playing, watching TV, enjoying the farm, and the gift of graduation that could be a doll or a bike, but this summer was completely different than I expected; my father surprised us with a trip to Umrah! Will all of us go?

Ten kids of different and close ages, almost as soccer team!

My father decided to take half of us, but what about the others? Who will go for Umrah? What will happen to the rest?

Many analyses and questions emerged… who is going? What we will be wearing?

Khlod Mohammed Rashid Saeed Rashid Alhefiti was born in Dibba Al Fujairah, UAE.
He is writer, researcher and founder of Emirati identity literature.Khlod is the ambassador of cultural diplomacy. He is an internationally accredited educational trainer in developing communication skills and building self-identity.
Khlod graduated with a bachelor of education in teaching English from the Higher Colleges of Technology.
He holds a Diploma in counseling psychology for children and adolescents from Notting Hill College, British.
Khlod holds a diploma in cognitive behavioral therapy from CBT British Board.
He holds a diploma in neurolinguistic programming from NLP German Board.

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