My First Bank Account

Nadjmat Abdoulhakime

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Can I live without having a bank account? Why do I need a bank account? Why can’t I just pay everything in cash? What is a debit card? What is a credit card? What is a bank balance?

Life without a basic bank account is possible but might be very difficult. Bank accounts come with responsibility and management. A bank account is more than just a place where you store your money. It is a lifelong relationship that requires practice.

The author, Nadjmat Abdoulhakime, studied accounting and finance and has 18 years of work experience. Her current position, at the time of this book being published, is the Commercial Consul of Comoros Islands in the United Arab Emirates.

Her personal and professional experiences living in different countries played a major role in influencing her mindset and lifestyle. She was born in Comoros, then moved to Paris where she grew up, and had the opportunity to move to Dubai soon after starting her career to work for an American corporation. She then moved to the US and subsequently spent a year of volunteering in Indonesia where she helped create her first financial literacy book.

Her first company was a coffee restaurant. She started at a very young age with some of her cousins. Her childhood environment shaped her perspective of money, entrepreneurship, and embracing new challenges. She recognizes that financial literacy is a subject that is often never taught neither at school nor at home. Most education curriculums do not cover this topic while being a crucial aspect of our lives. Money and relationships to money is key to one’s independence and freedom. Learning about money will always be beneficial and contribute to a healthier financial lifestyle.

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