Entrepreneurship (minus) 101

Trevor K.Whittaker

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To become or to be an entrepreneur is not a light undertaking. It will break some or make others, but one thing is clear, you should know your own strengths and weakness and suitability for the task before you take the leap. In Entrepreneurship (minus) 101, Trevor K. Whittaker shares ten essential ‘secrets’, gained from his own extensive business experience. If adopted, they will make success, if not guaranteed, at least attainable. If you are an existing entrepreneur and think you know it all, think again! The overriding mantra is Know Yourself: know your strengths and weakness and work on those weaknesses before you embark or continue on what is a highly demanding – but ultimately a highly rewarding – journey. So do you have what it takes? Read Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 and find out.


Trevor K. Whittaker is a successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He currently lives with his wife Sunly-Ann in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has two sons, Donovan and Ricky and three beautiful daughters, Kristen, Natasha and Shamarie. A few years ago he was blessed with two gorgeous granddaughters, Savannah and Taylor-Reece.


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