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Dodo quickly went home and found his mother greeting him at the door with her usual smile. He asked her eagerly: “Was my father really a leader?”

She did not believe what she heard, so she answered him in confusion: “Repeat what you said!”

So, he repeated the question to her, but the question struck her like a thunderbolt and increased her confusion, so she said: “Come in and ask your father this question”.

After he entered and asked him, the father came out with tears in his eyes, repeating: “I don’t know, I don’t know!” Then he left.

Dodo followed him, confused and sad. He looked outside the house in search of his mother, but found no trace of her. He knew that she was also avoiding him.

In the morning, the students gathered at their appointed time, but the teacher was a little late, not as usual. He walked with heavy steps and sadness on his features. When he met with the students, he said in a growling tone: “Today’s lesson has been cancelled, and it has become a day of rest.”

When they dispersed, he called to Dodo: “Dodo, please follow me.”

He followed him until he entered a large hall in which a group great deer, they asked him to sit in between to tell him the story he should know.

Ridha Hani, living in Sweden, of Tunisian origin, is passionate about writing stories and novels. However, he did not take up the pen seriously and did not write until the birth of his first son (Mehdi), who made him take up the pen and start writing. Then, his second son (Salim) was born, further inspiring him and deepening his love for writing.

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