Diary of Afreet in Almaty

Dr. Mubarak Ateeq

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An ancient people, such as the Kazakh, enjoyed different stages, came into contact with multiple nationalities, influenced them and were affected by them, gave to them and took from them, adding to their inheritance what fits with their beliefs and harmonizes with their thought and lifestyle; it has now become one of the most profound nationalities of civilization and heritage. Whose heritage has become the heritage of all humanity, with what was taken from other nationalities, and what was added to them. The truth is that I have not found a people who respects the customs, traditions and heritage of their ancestors, glorifies and appreciates the former, is proud of them, and gives them what they deserve with the appreciation and veneration they deserve – I say, and reverence – like the Kazakh people.

Dr. Mubarak Ateeq is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Department of Political and Economic Sciences, Al-Farabi National University, Kazakh, and a master’s from the same faculty. He is fluent in Persian, English and Russian, and is interested in the countries of the Russian Commonwealth and the UAE’s relations with this region.

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