Devil Shadows and Golden Lantern With Other Stories

Marjan Safiyari

Total Pages: 153
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A lonely soul searches everywhere for a body to call its own. A lost leaf tries desperately to find his way back to his mother. All the clock hands in London are stolen and it’s up to one boy to get them back. A brave girl must save her village from the devil shadows that threaten it. All of these stories, and so many more, are to be found in the Devil Shadows and Golden Lantern with Other Stories, as Marjan Safiyari takes us on a wide host of adventures. From dragons visiting space to a sky princess involved in a war with a dusty frog, from sentient pencils to a mouse living inside a wolf’s body, no concept is considered too fantastical to be the basis of an enjoyable and involving story. Devil Shadows and Golden Lantern with Other Stories is a book full of adventurous stories that are entertaining for children and adults alike.


Marjan Safiyari was born in 1989 in Shiraz, the city of the scented smell of blossoms, emerald cedars and famous poets. She has BA in English Literature at Zand Institute of Higher Education.She likes to make her imaginations alive. Her passions are writing and taking photos.

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