Chroma-Therapy: A Walk in Nature Adult Colouring Book for Mindful Soothing Relaxation

Christopher DKing

Total Pages: 101
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Christopher D. King has created beautiful and detailed designs drawn from nature, from under water scenes, to forest canopies, elephants and crocodiles, to fantasy creatures. The pages echo the simple lines and intricate details to be found in plants and animals around the world for you to get lost in as you colour. With hidden animals throughout the book for eagle eyed colourers to unearth and bring to life, and a range of difficulty levels there’s something for everyone to discover.Ranging from delicate and detailed designs, to simple images and patterns, and leaving lots of room for colouring outside the lines, this book provides a beautiful experience to dip into and out of when your brain, or hands, need to relax. Christopher created this book for people whose minds need a little peace every now and then.
Also suitable for children.


Christopher D King is an artist/illustrator and product designer/engineer living and working in Oxfordshire. He specialises in unique detailed pen and ink illustrations drawn from his imagination. His inspiration comes from classic childrens' literature, modern design, architecture, nature, engineering and anatomy. Themes are surrealist, animals, fantasy, dystopian landscapes, fictional characters, geometric foliage and lend themselves to childrens' books and adult colouring books.


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