Behind the Hills

Tareq Emad Aljarmakani

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The balance may not be realized, even if it exists between memories and their gaps, and between our imaginations and what fills those gaps in disparity, agreement, meeting and separation…

Memories and imaginations will always be a long way to the past, and to the future

In methods we have inadvertently developed, so that the mixture becomes as homogeneous as we want

We developed it after we couldn’t escape from both of them

It will never stop, and we will turn its bitterness into pride

Tareq Emad Aljarmakani was born in the Syrian province of Suwayda in 1993, studied in its schools, and then moved to the capital to enroll in the Faculty of Economics at Damascus University.

He worked in the Syrian Red Crescent for nine years as a volunteer.

He was a trainer in first aid and then coordinator of the first aid program in the Suwayda branch.

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