Back in Time

Rawsam Jeburr

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Sometimes we search for happiness in things that people or close persons determine for us, and we forget what we want, and what makes us happy.

Everyone entered the cycle of deadly routine, grow up, enter university, get married, he must have children in order to grow up with him, if the child is a boy, it is better, but we want a daughter; To help her mother, the daughter must have a sister; To appoint her in the future, and the brother alone cannot face life, so let us have a second brother for him, we want a house, we want a car, and here people see that our life is complete, and during this period we forget what we want, and do we really deserve to achieve what we want? Or will we be afraid to get out of the fight against the deadly routine?

I wish we could go back in time, Maryam; So that we can live our beautiful days, enjoy it more, and I wish we had the ability to correct our choices.

Rawsam Jeburr is person who always strives to make a difference in life, was not created in vain to live and die without leaving a beautiful trace.

Rawsam was born in 1987. She has a book called "The Lost City" that was published in Iraq in 2020, and she is a chemical engineering graduate.

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