The Art of Technical Closing

Hamed Al Herbawi

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Closing deals is among the most important skills that are essential to assure business continuity and career improvement. Yet it is not given much attention during the academic years – in almost all technical specialties such as Computer Science and Engineering.

This fact has a shocking impact on us – technical people – as we only learn to focus on solution-related issues such as design and implementation. We simply have a problem or a requirement, and we learn how to create a solution to it. That is often not the case in the real world.

Whether you are an engineer, a programmer, a pharmacist or from any other technical profession, you will find yourself forced to start dealing with customers in order to progress with your career, and even more if you have decided to start your own business.

If you are serious about improving your career, I very much urge you to pay serious attention to improving your sales and deal-closing skills. Otherwise, you would find yourself facing unnecessary career challenges.

In The Art of Technical Closing, you will find a result-oriented methodology that can help technical professionals in gaining immense and intensive understanding of the most necessary skills required to start winning deals.

This book will provide you with many shortcuts. You will find the tips and advices that are easy to implement and very effective.

Being a software engineer myself, I tried to be as straightforward as possible.

I wish you a pleasant read and hope that you would benefit from my book.

Hamed Al Herbawi is a business analyst, project manager, trainer, public speaker, multi-talented and creative individual.

Starting his career back in 1998, Hamed implemented a vast range of business solutions across a variety of sectors, including industrial factories, trading companies, contracting firms, government entities, all the way to several small businesses.

Hamed's work across these different disciplines allowed him to acquire extensive experience in business and process automation, as well as a wide range of skills.

On top of his career, Hamed never ceased to continue the learning journey, which is crowned by the writing of this book: The Art of Technical Closing.

Join Hamed as he summarizes his life-time experience and shares some of the most effective human skills that would help you enhance your technical skills, improve your deal closing rates, and upgrade your career into a completely new level.

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