Amazing Tales from the Magic Wood and Famous Problems of Mathematics

Elli Shor

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The authors of the book, leaning on their long and rich experience inteaching mathematics at various levels, are now presenting it withinand alongside a lovely fantastic environment. The first part of thebook, written in a fantasy style, may serve an interesting and joyfulreading for children since age 10. The second part, dealing with a realhistory of mathematics, in a popular presentation, may attract readersof any age interested in this area. The most promising readers – theyoungsters – can explore both parts profitably for their cultural andintellectual development. In addition to its obvious educational value,the book has, although less explicit, but no less importantpsychological advantage: it may help to get rid of negative feelingrelative mathematics to those who have it. The book is worth to beplaced on a shelf in every library, personal and public, and not tostand there motionlessly.


Elli Shor (Alla Smukler) received mathematical education and PhD degree from Moscow University. For many years she taught mathematics, first at Moscow and then at Israel, to engineering students and pre- and in-service maths teachers. Now, retired, she divides her time between reading and writing books, and caring for cats, at home and in the neighbourhood.


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