A Week In The World Of “HR”

Nawaf Alhusseini

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This book sheds light on the nature of the challenges faced by human resources management officials in their work. There are many challenges, some arising from the diversity of stakeholders and the need to reconcile their objectives, others from economic fluctuations and their impact on the company and its financial situation. There are also challenges related to the difficulty of choosing programs suitable for the organization’s reality and culture, as well as challenges related to the effective implementation of these programs after selection.

The book follows a narrative style by tracking the thoughts and dialogues of the head of human resources in a fictional company over the course of one week, to place these challenges in their social context, as dealing with challenges is influenced by the personalities and perspectives of the involved parties.

Nawaf Alhusseini:

Former Assistant Professor - Human Resources Management - King Saud University.

Former Head of Human Resources at Saudi Hollandi Bank, Saudi Investment Bank, Arab National Bank, and SABB.

Former Assistant Head of Human Resources Management - International Monetary Fund.

He worked as a human resources consultant for a number of regional, public, private, and charitable institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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