A Most Careless Death

Joan Edwards

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Espionage, state secrets, cyber security and senile dementia – what a mix, drawn together with drama and tension by Joan Edwards in her A Most Careless Death. The drama unfolds with several central characters moving in and out of the limelight. It is quite difficult to really ascertain who might be a double agent and what the ultimate fate of Sarah and her colleagues will be. The interrelations are complicated, set against a diverse and current backdrop of financial issues in the NHS and an ever present terrorist threat.A Most Careless Death twists and turns and the reader is never quite sure where they are being led. Tense and drama filled, it is refreshing to read a tale where the central characters are by and large of pensionable age. This does not however slow the plot which has pace and intrigue to ensure the reader will maintain their interest until the very last page is turned.


Joan was born in 1950 and now after many years of moving house for her work, lives in Malvern, Worcestershire. Joan is very happily married to Keith, having met him when she was sixteen. Several years later three offspring appeared in quick succession and after much trying; life has never been the same since. Wonderful successful years in commerce and design, usually working seven days a week because she loves work, have left Joan with hundreds of stories about her observations of life in general. She decided to ‘slow down' to forty hours a week, to spend time with her husband and all the grandchildren before it's too late, and then she was inspired by the Chris Evans Radio 2 show, to try writing a story. This is the result of her labours, with much help on the commas and apostrophes.  


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