A Journey Towards The Light

Lina Farajallah

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‘Why me, Father?’

‘I cannot answer this question, my dear. Why you? The world is full of mysteries, events, and phenomena that humanity has not been able to answer throughout the ages.’

The sorrow that gripped my heart because of what happened to me turned into the emotion that overcame all other emotions and remained dominant in the center of my thoughts.

I had to take a moment of reflection to reconcile with the pain and sorrow within myself, to embrace myself, cry, tear apart, and exercise all my rights to express my pain so that I could overcome the depth of the pain and search for a refuge from drowning in its sea.

I will look for a lifeline and hope because the challenges imposed on us by life are a general state faced by humans. However, the difference lies in accepting them, no matter their size or intensity, and then excelling in dealing and adapting with them.

Lina Farajallah was born in Ukraine to a Palestinian father and a Ukrainian mother and moved to live with her parents in Jordan after completing her first year.

Lina completed her studies in Jordan and obtained a bachelor's degree in risk and insurance management from Hashemite University, and a master's degree in international business management from the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Lina lived in America for a year, and during that time, she worked as a research assistant with academics at the Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies, before moving to Dubai. She worked as a manager of specialized executive leadership and human development programs in collaboration with Harvard University, London Business School, and other educational centers.

Lina's passion revolves around helping people discover their hidden potential and guiding them towards adapting and progressing in life.

Lina lives with her husband Ghaleb Darabya and their three children between London and Dubai and looks forward to presenting more work in the future.

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