A Blind Needle

Mayuresh ShrinivasKulkarni

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From a chess game fraught with emotional intrigue and peril, to the tale of a man who was given Buddha’s eyes and learned to see the world differently with a highly romantic finale taking place in a far away galaxy on the backdrop of the anniversary of the Titanic disaster after exactly one thousand years in future, A Blind Needle leads the reader through a maze of breath taking stories and themes.Irreverent and curious, Kulkarni’s short stories explore society’s beliefs and actions, mixing fantasy, fable and ideals to create various views and tones of voice with which to discuss questions on why and how humanity governs itself.


The author is a practicing lawyer, with his own firm and associates. He grew up in the city of Pune, which is regarded as one of the culture capitals of India. He believes that nobody can be painted entirely white or black and we must acknowledge the grey shades of life.  

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