50+ Fit For Life

John Edmondson

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50+ Fit For Life was written as a self-help guide to help you achieve health and fitness as you move through middle age and into retirement. The author has done extensive studies into why you should eat the right foods to help fend off debilitating diseases. Also how to eat often to maintain energy levels. He couples this with extensive information about the best types of exercise to maintain muscle, boost metabolism and keep you strong and flexible. Functional training is introduced; this is all about strengthening joints to enable you to continue to enjoy a full and active life up to and through retirement. Many people worry that in order to get in shape and keep fit and healthy means you “don’t have a life”. The author shows how through using the correct balance you can work full time, bring up a family, enjoy life, and still have time to get, or stay in great shape and be healthy and full of vitality.


The author is a 56 year old father of two boys, who has spent most of his working life running a business that helps people to look their best. He has spent the last four years trying to build on that by helping to improve their health and fitness, through passing on the knowledge he has amassed.


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