18 Summer Holidays, 18 Years to Grow

Jane Franklin

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On 15th May 1995 James was born ostensibly perfect in every way. It would be another seven years before he would be diagnosed with autism. Written for those who are undergoing a similar experience or for those attending to autistic children, Jane and James Franklin’s account of the period from birth to his eighteenth birthday will make for valuable reading.The diagnosis of autism is a relief for Jane when it comes because it brings with it systems of support and a better communication between mother and child. 18 Summer Holidays is also interesting because the experience is recounted both by the mother and the son, James, in a series of revealing notes and letters which describe his feelings towards himself and others and the world around him as he tries to reconcile his childhood and growth in comparison to those of his brother and sister.18 Summer Holidays is an absorbing and thoughtful read.


Jane Franklin is a primary school teacher and mother to three grown up children. She initially trained to teach children with special educational needs never realising that one day her second child would give her all the training she needed.


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