Laila Bashar Al-Kloub, Author at Austin Macauley Publishers | UAE


A Jordanian producer and writer has a master’s degree in Journalism and Modern Media from Jordan Media Institute, and has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture Engineering from Jordanian University. She started digital blogging in 2009 and participated in many student’s activities in the Jordanian University, worked as a freelance writer for many Arabic and foreign websites, and is an activist in many fields, with the most significant being debate, as she has led the Dialogue and Debate Club in Al-Salt since 2015. She’s participated in many youth projects inside and outside Jordan, e.g., young Arab Media Leaders Program; Salzburg Media Academy in Austria; and in Germany, she participated in two projects, which talked about the diversity in Religion and Politics in Arab countries and Europe. Furthermore, she has received many local awards and scholarships.

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