Rama Aldakhil

Rama Amir Aldakhil, a 24-year-old Syrian woman, sought refuge in Germany with her family in late 2015 after experiencing horrific war crimes in all their forms. She lost her school, her books, her dreams, and aspirations at that time, and the hardest part was losing her younger brother as a martyr. She works as a dental assistant and specializes in dental care and cleaning at a dental clinic in the city where she lives. More importantly, she finds herself passionate about writing, inspired by the topics and stories circulated among people in restaurants, cafes, streets, schools, offices, hospitals, and even behind screens. Articles published between the lines of newspapers and magazines, designs by engineers, drawings by artists, symphonies by musicians, and children's imaginations all reinforce her strong determination to continue freely embracing life, no matter how difficult the challenges and circumstances may be. She writes her stories and novels in both Arabic and German. Some she has completed, while others are still a work in progress, as she writes and erases until she settles on a text or a passage worthy of being left to settle on the paper as she pleases. She also has some thoughts in English and French, as she voluntarily works as a translator between these four languages. She helps newcomers to Germany (her region) with daily matters such as bureaucracy, culture, social integration, education, and medical assistance, among others, and guides them to integrate until they become active members of society.