Jameel AbdusSamad

Jameel AbdusSamad hails from Hyderabad, a city rich with history and tradition. He owes his flair for logical and analytical reasoning and contemplative writing to the values that were inculcated in his early life and the privilege he had later to be in the company of a rare breed of enlightened gentlemen that made him pick up the books, the habit which stuck. Now he writes. This book is an English rendition of the articles written in the Urdu language by the most eminent Indian, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a man of luminous intelligence, essentially a voice of reason, still remembered for his profound brilliance, linguistic charm and verbal artistry. It is virtually impossible to reproduce the effect of the original in any rendering into English, the structural genius of which is not exactly the same as that of the Urdu language. However, the translation by Jameel AbdusSamad is strong enough to stand on its own ground with judicious blending of the nuances typical of both the languages. Simmering through the aristocracy of intellect, he rekindles the same feeling of uneasiness mixed with exotic perceptions with unusual effulgence.