To My Father in Paradise

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The bell is ringing again, but this time continuously, without stopping – oh, it’s so annoying! I left everything at hand and came to see you. I stopped near your bed, but you’re still looking at the bell device… You looked up to me, then you lowered and started pressing the bell without stopping. I held your thumb gently, then you absorbed my presence. Your words were vague, you talked to me like you were soaked in the ocean and you found me saving you… And I answered you, “What? What do you mean? What are you trying to say, Dad?”, until you got tired of me and sat on your bed quickly, wandering off somewhere in your mind… as usual… You, yourself, forgot you can’t walk… I caught you before you moved… If the world was a woman, I’d kill her! How much I hate it… In the system of this desperate world, why does a person think like a child when he gets older? This is a law this despicable world is following… and against our will!! How can she do that to you? How can she make a lion like you act like a mental?

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