The Conscious Ego

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People lead busy lives with emotional strains that are not only guilt-ridden but have underlying issues, making them too scared to lead better lives. The novel takes a turn from the mindless routine to one of the most significant unresolved problems at the subconscious level and merges the two to put forth a unique picture of the human consciousness as well as individual emotions that haunt people in their daily lives. Sorting through the unusual riddles of her subconscious, the protagonist is shocked to discover a distinct world hidden in one’s unresolved emotions that is bound to change the way one perceives life and interacts with others.

The Conscious Ego takes the reader on a journey with traces hidden from the sight yet pleasingly visible to those who dare to feel. You may never agree with one another about your history or whose interpretation of life is correct; however, one thing that everyone can agree on is humanity. Human misery is universal as it calls for a collective and unconditional love to comprehend, feel, understand and eventually heal its wounds. People can acquire immense power to a purposeful life through their love for others and a conscious living. Can you learn to use your consciousness to decipher the emotional codes by avoiding the displeasures that overshadow life’s real purpose?

Wajeeha Bilal takes you on an inspiring tour of the human evolution through love and tries to infuse your everyday activities with meaning and purpose. She is a writer with a passion for life, awareness and books. She writes to inspire and awaken the masses through mindful awareness.

وجيهة بلال

وجيهة بلال كاتبة شغوفة بالأدب والحياة والكتب، تكتب لإلهام وإيقاظ القراء مِن خلال الوعي الذهني، وهي مؤلفة كتاب "الحاضر الجميل"، وهي التي كتبتْ مدونتها "صحوة سعيدة". وبعد حصولها على درجة الماجستير في الأدب واستكشاف العوالِم المختلفة للكتابات الأدبية، وجدَتْ نفْسها تدعو إلى هذا النوع مِن الإدراك الذاتي والتحقيق والاستيقاظ.

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