The Knowledge and the Concepts of Creation Between Heritage and Modernity

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The people who view our Islamic heritage realize that it is rich in precious. For it filled the whole world with knowledge until the end of time. However, through time, it has been in resemblance with other publications. These books are full of legends and superstitions which damaged that heritage. As a result, it has become our duty to examine and study it according to modern science and knowledge. As the title of the book, Between Heritage and Modernity, suggests, the book compares the issues of creation (the universe/humans) as stated in heritage books and interpretations of the Quran and what accompanied them of mistakes, as well as the statements and opinions of contemporary scientists. These books got very popular, which in turn misled thousands after thousands of Muslims against their religion because they assumed that the content of those books is the goal of the text, and then argued without knowledge through those books and not through the goals and purposes of the text.

عبد الرحمن عمر فحيل البوم

المؤلف باحث وأكاديميّ متخصص في الاقتصاد والعلوم السياسيّة، وله بحوث علميّة منشورة دولياً، إلا أنه اهتمَّ أيضاً بالبحوث القرآنيّة تدبّراً وبحثاً، فقد ترعرع في بيئة إسلاميّة نقية بفضل والده الشيخ الحافظ، الذي غرس في وجدانه حب القرآن الكريم، وحفَّزه على الذود عن بيضة الدين. كل ذلك كان له دافعاً للبحث ودراسة معاني الكتاب الكريم، والعمل على استشفاف كنهه وإدراك مكنونه، مستفيداً بخبرته العلميّة الأكاديمية في البحث والاستقصاء، واستخلاص النتائج والعبر.

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