The Real Estate Agent & The Great Conspiracy Theory


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Ever wondered what is really happening in the housing market, what lies behind the financial institutions, why certain things occur, why rules are made and then changed? Then read on. Robert Smeaton’s The Real Estate Agent & the Great Conspiracy Theory will certainly hold your attention as the author explores and explodes many of the myths commonly found in the property market.
Robert Smeaton adds a sense of real perspective and offers a very informed commentary on the changes and developments in the housing market over the last forty odd years. And yes, as the last page is turned, the reader will feel an increasing sense of unease about the sophisticated level of manipulation that seems to be occurring in the property sector. Robert Smeaton makes sense of all of these issues, drawing together the different threads from his own unique perspective of a lifetime spent in estate agency. A compelling read for anyone who has ever owned a house with a mortgage.


Robert Smeaton has been self-employed in Estate Agency and Surveying, as a Chartered Surveyor since 1980 in North Cumbria. He has over 35 years of experience, and has seen at first hand the change in the nature of Estate Agents and the causes of the boom and bust housing market, with the consequent periods of inflation, deflation and rise and fall in housing market activity. The author is married with three children.


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