Another Time, Another Place


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A painter’s box, a chemist and a series of deaths: How are they linked? R Ellenroc’s story Another Time Another Place spans Europe as far as Russia in its telling. For Dominique Dupuy is/was employed in some capacity by the French secret service.Brutal and spare, this novel traces Dupuy’s story from the time of his death back to the choices he made and the grim use of the chemical of his trade in the extracting of information. Mistresses are almost seen as necessary in France and if you are attached to the secret service they might be deemed de rigeur.But one mistress is back, and once Dom is dead, she reveals that he had some secrets that he never passed to her. The nature of those secrets is the story of Another Time Another Place.


Is it true? He wrote these stories? Each story has something in it for most people, he's captured the scene and once you're inside, he's captured you. You must join in with the story, to sit at the side peering in is not good - you might end up a casualty; don't get too close though, it is dangerous, I know. This is a must read, whether you are on a train or a plane, in a boat or a bath the story has some real adventures, some so very relevant. I went to school at 3½ years old, was taught to read at 4 years old. To slip away into a world full of imagination has always been fun and made me love words written by others who held my hand and took me on an adventure. Reading everything possible just fuelled my imagination, it did not concern me what it was, it was brain food. Now it's my turn to try and take the reader by the hand and hope that I can help them imagine themselves as one of my characters in the story. Now retired and living in the Loire Vallee, there is more time to fuel the brain and enjoy what I like doing best.  


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