Liam Kelly Interviewed in The National Newspaper

International author of ‘Worried William’, Liam Kelly, was recently interviewed by The National, a UAE newspaper.

The author is currently living and working as a teacher in the UAE. In the interview, he said “the main aim of the book is to help raise awareness of children’s mental health.”

Children worry and adults are unaware of this fact, this is the topic that the author has decided to highlight in his book.

The main character of the story is William. A nine-year-old who worries a lot.

Readers get a detailed look into his life because he likes to document the events and happenings in his life. Everything that worries him or stresses him out is written down.

The book has plenty of honest feelings, humor and life lessons to help children know that they are not alone in their worry.

Liam wanted to show readers what it is like to worry all the time and how difficult it is to live with the stress of it all.

The author grew up in Northern Ireland, in a small village called Moneyglass. The rural life was a good one for him but he suffered from many complexities that worried him.

The story contains his personal experiences and gives a window into the mind of a child who is always stressing about one thing or another.

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